Scientific Program


Around the Arytenoid Cartilage
Welcome Address

Kürşat Yelken
Marc Remacle

Moderator: Ferhan Öz

Anatomy and Physiology of Phonation
Haldun Oğuz

Breath Support as the Basis of Voice
Lisa Popeil

Resonance in Speaking and Singing
Eleonora Bruni, Erika Biavati
08:30-10:00 Voice Evaluation
Elif Aksoy

Perceptual Evaluation of Voice

Mehmet Akif Kılıç

Acoustic Analysis of Voice
Göksu Yılmaz 

Visual Evaluation of Voice
Selmin Özgürsoy

Kürşat Yelken
Anatomical Study on the Cricoarytenoid Joint in Fresh Cadaver Specimens
Guillermo Campos

Artificial Intelligence and Quantification of the Angular Movement of Vocal Cords and Arytenoids: Possible Applications to the TNM Staging of Laryngeal Cancer
Alessandra Sordi

Laryngeal EMG: Technique and Interpretation
Sevtap Akbulut

Paresis Paralysis
Moderator: Malgorzata Wierzbicka
Arytenoid (im)mobility and Ipsilateral Vocal Fold (im)mobility: Can there Be a Dfference?

Markus Hess

Functional Arytenoid Misalignment: When it is None-of-the-above
Rehab Awad

Subluxation Does it Exist ?
Intubation-induced Arytenoid (sub)luxation in Adults: Do You Believe It?

Markus Hess

Augmentation of the Vocal Process: How I Do it.
Markus Hess

Neuroplasticity After Injection Laryngoplasty
Gauthier Desuter




10:25-11:00 Break
Unilateral Immobility
Michal Zabrodsky

Approach to Common Voice Disorders
Moderator: Haldun Oğuz
Speakers: Burak Aşık, Ceki Paltura, Gamze Yeşilli Puzella, Sanja Krejovic, Tuğba Kaya, Reham AbdelWakil Ibrahim
11:00-12:30 Voice Therapy Workshop
Esra Özcebe
Speakers: Aydan Baştuğ Dumbak, Elçin Tadıhan Özkan, Fatma Esen Aydınlı, Gayem Köprücü

Arytenoid Adduction
Elizabeth Sjögren

String Arytenoid Adduction: How to Avoid a Cumbersome and Risky Posterior Thyroid Approach for AA
Markus Hess

Medialization Thyroplasty
Gauthier Desuter

Medialisation Thyroplasty Using Silastic with CT-guided Implant Design Technique
Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Medialisation Using VOIS Adjustable Implant
Chadwan Al Yaghchi
12:00-12:30 Discussion


Unilateral immobility

Moderator: Marc Remacle
Corniculate Resection
Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Moderator: Arzu Tüzüner
Alaringeal Speech; Provox Voice Prosthesis
Merel Latenstein, Marise Neijman 

12:30-13:45 Swallowing Therapy Workshop
Ozan Özgürsoy, Numan Demir
Bilateral Immobility


Lateral arytenoidopexy
Yakubu Karagama


Partial Arytenoidectomy Differents Types Vs Posterior Cordectomy
Hakan Coşkun

Medial Arytenoidectomy Technique and Functional Outcomes
Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Blue Laser & Tissue Interaction with the Aryenoid Cartilage
Guillermo Campos
13:35-13:45 Discusssion        
13:45-14:45 Lunch

Moderator: Elizabeth Sjogren
Necati Enver

Voice Training for Actors
Fidan Kurt Kasapbaşı
Speakers: Kürşat Yelken, Açelya Akkoyun, Bade Dedemen
14:45-16:20 Voice Training for Speech Language Therapists
Fatma Esen Aydınlı
Speakers: Eylül Birkent, Özlem Öner, Doğan Balcı

Kate Heathcote

Markus Hess

Posterior Glottic Stenosis: Assessment and Treatment
Lise Crevier
Stephane Hans

Open Reconstruction for Severe Posterior Glottic Stenosis with Synechia Using Rib Cartilage Graft
Chadwan Al Yaghchi

Type II Thyroplasty

Myoneurectomy vocal fold muscles
James Thomas

EMG Guided Botulinum Toxin Application
Sevtap Akbulut
16:20-16:50 Break
Hakan Birkent

Vocal Tremor Measurement
Youri Maryn

Note: It is kindly asking the participants to bring their laptop to work on some audio samples during the workshop.

16:50-17:50 Turkish Opera Artists on World Stages
Moderator: Güzin Gürel
Speakers: Burak Bilgili, Hale Soner Kekeç 

Management of the Crico-arytenoid Joint in Oncologic Scenarios: from above and from below!
Cesare Piazza

The Posterior Paraglottic Space and its Value in Laryngeal Cancer
Cesare Piazza

Małgorzata Wierzbicka

Kürşat Yelken
Marc Remacle
17:50-18:00 Break
18:00-19:00 Opening Speeches
Opening Concert
ITU Turkish Music State Conservatory Choir Concert
Chef: Fidan Kurt Kasapbaşı

Alaryngeal Speech
Bengü Çobanoğlu
Speakers: Barış Karakullukçu, Marise Neijman, Merel Latenstein

Panel 1

Approach to Professional Voice in Turkish Geography
Özgür Yiğit

Inection Laryngoplasty for Unilateral Paresis in Our Practice
Begungutova Zhanel

Our Experience with Botulinum Toxin in Laryngology
Aliya Turayeva

Treatment of Chronic Stenoses of The Larynx and Trachea
Shoira Makhmadaminova

08:30-10:00 Current Approaches to Voice Training
Tülin Malkoç
Speakers: Ayhan Helvacı, Nuran Ayaz

Panel 2

Exploring Vocal Resilience and Artistry among Azerbaijani Mugham Singers
Moderator: Ramil Hashimli

“Exploring Vocal Health, Wellbeing, and Acoustic-Physiological Dynamics in Azerbaijani Mugham Singers ”
Alexandria Sultan von Bruseldorff

"The Vital Role of Voice Doctors in Sustaining Singer's Vocal Health: Assessment, Intervention, and Ongoing Surveillance”
Kamil Suleymanov, Dilshad Shadlinskaya

"Classical Vocal and Mugam Synthesis in Opera Art."
Gülistan Aliyeva

10:00-10:30 Break

Moderator: Marc Remacle

Pearls and Pitfalls of Phonosurgery in Singers
Kürşat Yelken    

Vocal Fold Scar: How to Avoid
Chadwan Alyaghici

Voice Therapy as a Module in Management of Vocal Folds Sulci and Scars
Rehab Awad

Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering in Voice
Ayşegül Karaaltın

Moderator: İlter Denizoğlu

Clinical Decision Making in the Selection of SOVT Exercises for the Treatment of Hyper and Hypo Functional Voice Disorders 
Tori Burnay
10:30-12:00 Basic Voice Training Workshop
Seyhun Topbaş
Speakers: Ardan Beyarslan, Seta Kürkçüoğlu, Ulaş Saka
12:00-13:00 Lunch

Moderator: Markus Hess

Early Experience in Southeast Asia Using VOIS Implant in Chronic Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis Patients
Marina Mat Baki

Show Must Go On: View of the Phoniatrician
Ekaterina Osipenko

Acoustic Assessment of Singing Voice: Tools to Help Assessing Singing Voice Skills
Youri Maryn

The Elite Performance Voice Clinic at Guy’s and St. Thomas Hospital
Tori Burnay

Isshiki Thyroplasty Type 1,2,3&4
Yakubu Karagama

Moderator: İlknur Maviş

A 14-Year Longitudinal Health Tracking Study of 20 Professional Singers Who All Use Supraglottic Vibrations as Part of Their Singing Styles (Rock, Pop, Heavy Metal, etc.)

Cathrine Sadoline, Mathias Aaen

Supraglottic Vibrations as Substitutional, Compensatory, and or Complimentary Strategies in Patients and Professional Performers
Cathrine Sadoline, Mathias Aaen
13:00-14:30 Basic Voice Therapy Workshop
Seyhun Topbaş
Speakers: Afaq Abbasova, Eren Balo, İbrahim Can Yaşa, Korhan Sezin, Serkan Bengisu
13:00-17:00 Master Class
Hülya Kazan
14.30-15:00 Break

Diffrent Aspects of Voice-1
Hakan Çoşkun

Augmentation for the Advanced Surgeon
Markus Hess

Why I Feel a Fatigue in My Voice?
Dalia Larsen

CVT as a Novel Intervention in MTD Patients

Mathias Aaen, Cathrine Sadoline

HPV in Larynx
Francesco Bussu

The Usefulness of the NBI in Differentiation of the Premalignant Vocal Fold Lesions- a Review of the Classifications
Hanna Klimza

Moderator: Fatih Öğüt
Pre- and Post-Operative Voice Therapy for Benign Vocal Fold Lesions: What is the Evidence and What Would be a Good Consensus
Rehab Awad

Remote Voice Therapy: Current Experience and Challenges
Rehab Awad
15.00-17:00 Voice Training Practices in Choirs
Sevtap Akbulut

Speaker: Aykut Önder Sarıçifçi, Zoran Stanisavljevic, Zeynep Yadigaroğlu, Kübra Şenyaylar

Diffrent Aspects of Voice-2
Gürsel Dursun

Pharmacological Treatment and Phoniatric Therapy Outcomes in Patients with Globus Pharyngeus
Alejandro Berlin

The Balance of Voice and Airway in Rehabilitation of Unilateral Vocal Fold Palsy
Kate Heatcote

Thyroplasty Using the VOIS Implant
Shiying Hey

High Definition Laryngology
James Thomas

Hyaluronic Acid Implantation in Microsurgical Procedures
Camille Finck


Moderator: Esra Özcebe

The Management in Voice Teaching of the Voice with Pathologies (Nodule, Cyst, Sulcus, Postoperative period etc.)
Eleonora Bruni, Erika Biavati  


Oral Presentation Session
Moderator: Can Doruk

OP-001 Fungal Laryngitis in Immunocompetent Patients; Risk Factors, Presentation, and Treatment
Ibrahim Issa

OP-002 Enabling speech in complete stenosis: An endoscopic approach
Masaany Binti Mansor


OP-003 A growing glottic mass: Nodular fasciitis versus malignant spindle cell carcinoma, a pathology of a diagnostic challenge
Shaden Zakariya Al Riyami

OP-004 Pulsed magnetic field therapy: a modern method of postoperative voice rehabilitation in patients with benign laryngeal neoplasms
Ekaterina Putkaradze

OP-005 Preliminary evaluation of volatoloma in laryngeal cancer through e-nose technology
Claudia Crescio

18:00 İtü Tmdk Traditional Turkish Music Ensemble Concert
Chef: Cihangir TERZİ

Moderator: Kayhan Öztürk 

Introduction to Voiceworks® Method - What Every Singer Should Know
Comparative Breath Support Strategies
Vibrato: Mechanisms, Types, and Solutions
Mastering Vocal Registers
Belting Technique for Commercial Styles

Lisa Popeil
08:30-10:00 Geriatric Voice Disorders
Emel Çadallı Tatar 

Alzheimer and Voice

Selin Karalı

Voice Therapy
Önal Öncebay

Voice in Aging
Maral Yeşilyurt

Neurogenic Voice Disorders and Aging
Özlem Cangökçe Yaşar

Aerodynamic Changes
Maral Yeşilyurt

Injection + Type 1 Thyroplasty
Bengü Çobanoğlu 
08:30-10:00 Functional Voice Disorders
Ahmet Konrot
Speakers: Burak Eren, Çiler Büyükatalay Yaldız, Eda Uzuner, Elife Barmak, Güzide Atalık

Oral Presentation Session
Moderator: Fatma Esen Aydınlı

OP-006 Determining the Effectiveness of Voice Therapy Applied to Coaches
Zeynep Özge Sara

OP-007 Presentation of Multidimensional Voice Assessment Results and Examination of the Effectiveness of Voice Therapy in Individuals with Reinke's Edema: Preliminary Findings
Elif Meryem Ünsal

OP-008 The Immediate Effect of Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises in Adults with Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis
Elif Meryem Ünsal

OP-009 Meta-analytic reliability generalization of the pediatric voice handicap index
Damlasu Yağcıoğlu

OP-010 Investigation of the Eclectic Voice Therapy Effectiveness in Pediatric Population: A Preliminary Study
Özlem Beşik Topçu

OP-011 Investigation of Current Practices of Speech and Language Therapists in the Profession of Pediatric Voice
Batuhan Ökte

OP-012 Intensive speech therapy for vocal fold nodules in children with motor speech disorders: a case report
Ayşegül Sarı

OP-013 Effects of the voice therapy in patients with sulcus vocalis: a preliminary study
Özlem Beşik Topçu

OP-014 The Effectiveness of Eclectic Voice Therapy in a Primary School-Aged Case Diagnosed with Vocal Nodules
Melek Nur Uygun

10:00-10:30 Break

Moderator: Ömer Develioğlu

Visual Neurolaryngology
James Thomas

Secrets of Listening (Hearing a Voice Disorder)
James Thomas

Vocal Surgery Journey
Hakan Birkent
Speakers: Elif Şahin Orhon, Elif Meryem Ünsal Akkaya, Mustafa Aslıer, Volkan Sunter, Ziya Saltürk

10:30-12:00 Voice Training in Different Music Genres
Moderator: Şebnem Ünal

Opera: Ayşe Sezerman,
Musical: Çağnur Gürsan,
Turkish Art Music: Kemal Akdoğan,
Jazz: Ece Göksu,
Pop: İrem Derlen

Oral Presentation Session
Moderator: Saime Sağıroğlu

OP-016 Perceptual and acoustic assessment of the early changes in voice quality among swimming coaches with healthy voices due to professional use
Burçin Mutlu

OP-017 Evaluation of the Frequency of Swallowing Disorder Symptoms in Individuals Aged 65 and Over and Investigation of Their Relationship with Quality of Life
Aynur Ikra Demir

OP-018 Diagnostic Accuracy of Gugging Swallowing Screen Test (GUSS) in Evaluating Aspiration and Dysphagia in Patients with Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis: A Pilot Study
Ilayda Gündüz

OP-019 Investigation of the Relationship Between Social Isolation and Depression and Anxiety Levels of Individuals with Total Laryngectomy: A Pilot Study
Emrah Karacaoğlu

OP-020 What is Healthy Voice for Older Adults? An Investigation of Clinician's Auditory Perceptual Assessment and Older Adults' Self-Assessment Results
Elif Tunç Songur

OP-021 Examining the Impact of Text Sections on Cepstral Parameter Values in Normophonic Individuals
Ayşe Nur Demirci

OP-022 Evaluation of the Readability of Communication, Voice and Swallow-Related Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Used in Individuals Diagnosed with Head and Neck Cancer
Semra Koçak

OP-023 Evaluation of Voice and Swallowing of Individuals 65 Years of Age and Older at Risk of Sarcopenia
Aynur Ikra Demir

OP-027 Comparison of the need for voice therapy after voice deepening surgery according to the time since surgery
Buse Demir

12:00-13:00 Lunch

Lifelong Stage Performance
Fidan Kurt Kasapbaşı
Speakers: Esra Özcebe, Ferhan Öz
13:00-14:15 Videolaryngostroboscopy Workshop
Moderator: Sevtap Akbulut
Speakers: Çiler Büyükatalay Yaldız, Nurullah Türe, Meltem Demirdağ Çevikkan
13:00-14:30 Effects of Reflux and Allergy on Voice
: Mustafa Şahin
Speakers: Ahmet Mutlu, Esma Altan, Saime Sağıroğlu, Sibel Yıldırım, Songül Dursun, Tuğçe Nergiz

Oral Presentation Session
Burak Aşık

OP-024 Evaluation of Perceptual, acoustic and aerodynamic prosody, respiration, phonation and fluency characteristics of Parkinson's patients
Ebru Yıldırım

OP-025 To what extent does the voice department change the diagnosis of ear nose and throat outpatient clinic?
Gülcan Efe

OP-026 Evaluation and Therapy Process of a Case Diagnosed with ALS
Nazife Nur Afacan

OP-028 Comparing the fundamental frequency and pitch range of trans women and cis women in sustained phonation and connected speech samples
Damlasu Yağcıoğlu

OP-029 Does the Change in Loudness Affect the Femininity of the Voice in Cis Women with a Healthy Voice
Elif Ezgi Işık

14.30-15:00 Break

Moderator: Ardan Beyarslan
Estill Voice Training
Stefanie Rummel

Vocal Colors – Voice Research – Voice Application

  • Better Voice Control through Anatomical Based Muscular Training
  • Understanding What Estill Voice Training is
  • Understanding How to Produce Different Vocal Techniques
  • Practical Application of Estill Figures
  • Short Insight into the Latest MRI 2D & 3D research
15.00-16:30 PVFMD - Chronic Cough
Elçin Tadıhan Özkan
Speakers: Elif Tunç Songur, Fatma Esen Aydınlı

Oral Presentation Session
Moderator: Volkan Sünter


OP-030 Laryngeal Papillomatosis Management
Ibrahim Issa

OP-031 The efficiency of benign laryngeal lesions management using 445-nm blue laser
Polina Shamkina

OP-033 Phonosurgery versus voice therapy in benign vocal fold lesions
Rodica Elena Muresan

OP-032 Inflammatory Leukoplakia of the Vocal Folds: Approach and Treatment Algorithm
Nadhirah Mohd Shakri

OP-034 Autologous Tragal Perichondrium Graft for Vocal Fold Scar and Sulcus Vocalis: Unicentric prospective study
Juan David Urazán Murcia

OP-035 Management of the vocal cord granuloma: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Bayan Besharah

OP-036 Office-based steroid injection in vocal fold nodules
Hasan Keskin

OP-037 Patients' satisfaction with local anesthesia and tolerance for laryngology office procedures: a preliminary report
Carlo Robotti

OP-038 Reconstruction of anterior commissure glottic web with microflap technique
Kamila M. Magomedova


Oral Presentation Session
Moderator: Bengü Çobanoğlu

OP-039 Awareness of vocal hygiene in music department students
Meltem Demirdağ Çevikkan

OP-040 Acoustical Evaluation of Recording Studios: Comparison of Recording Studios in Türkiye and the World
Mustafa Dallı

OP-041 Basic Vocal Exercise Suggestion for Turkish Music Pieces With Piano Accompaniment
Kübra Haskılınç Çelebi

OP-042 Enhancing Vocal Education: A Survey of Student Perspectives on Earmaster in Solfeggio Training
Bilge Atay Karlıdağ

Simge Narin

OP-044 The Contribution of Selected Yoga Poses to the Appoggio Technique
Burcu Koşar

OP-046 The effect of individual and group lessons on student performance in voice training
Ilhan Uğur Yazar

OP-047 The phenomenon of style in vocal performance as a form of behavior
Sıla Erol Gülümser

OP-048 Comparative Analysis of Classical Turkish Music and Opera Performances Using Singing Endoscopy Technique
Fidan Kurt Kasapbaşı


Pediatric Voice Disorders
Hakan Coşkun

Elçin Tadıhan Özkan

Sevtap Akbulut

Resonance Disorders
Müge Özçelik Korkmaz

Parent Education
Nurcan Alpuran

Pediatric Paralysis
Necati Enver

Oral Presentation Session
Nurullah Türe

OP-049 Functional results of surgical treatment of bilateral lesions of the recurrent laryngeal nerve
Ksenija Samac

OP-050 A comparative evaluation of voice outcomes in the surgical treatments for unilateral vocal cord paralysis: injection laryngoplasty versus medialisation thyroplasty versus non-selective laryngeal reinnervation
Reece Travis

OP-051 Rare Case of Bilateral Vocal Fold Palsy Secondary to Non-Acidic Reflux
Reem Salem Almohammadi

OP-052 Thyroplasty first type. Experience, mistakes and successes
Nozima Nadjimutdinova

OP-053 Results of Medialization Laryngoplasty with Transoral Injection in Apneic Technique
Nurullah Türe

OP-054 Evaluation of the effectiveness of raising voice pitch when using endoscopic glottoplasty by various surgical methods. Our experience
Lily Budeikina

OP-055 Selection of surgical treatment method for patients with bilateral vocal fold paralysis based on acoustic voice analysis
Ismail Guseynov

OP-056 The long term effect of laser thyroarytenoid myoneurectomy versus botulinum toxin A injections as treatment for adductor laryngeal dystonia. A single center experience Adduktor laringeal distoni
Juliëtta H.c. Schuering


Oral Presentation Session
Özlem Önerci

OP-045 The fundamentals of Rodenburg’s approach to actor’s voice
Simay Yılmaz

OP-057 Effect of partial deafness on voice in children
Karol Myszel

OP-058 Does forced whisper have an impact on voice?
Matthias Echternach

OP-059 Cavernous hemangioma of the vocal cord: a rare lesion that resembles a polyp
Maria Landa Garmendia

OP-060 Exploring vocal health, wellbeing, and acoustic-physiological dynamics in Azerbaijani mugham singers
Alexandria Sultan Von Bruseldorff

OP-061 Does hearing loss effect voice quality?
Hasan Keskin

OP-062 Cricothyroid Visor Maneuver for Treatment of Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis: A Case Report
Ali Dehqan Ahmad Abad

OP-063 Cricothyroid Visor Maneuver (CVM): A New treatment protocol for Muscle Tension Dysphonia
Ali Dehqan Ahmad Abad

OP-064 Silent singing test in diagnostics and therapy of vocal folds pathology
Santa Vecerina Volic

OP-015 The correlation between speech range profile analysis and talkativeness, vocal loudness levels
Hasan Keskin


Oral Presentation Session
Moderator: Ahmet Mutlu

OP-065 Readability and Quality Levels of Online Patient Information Texts Regarding Hoarseness of Voice
Şerife Nur Biçen

OP-066 The effect of voice use during a working day on voice parameters and voice fatigue of teachers working in special education and rehabilitation centers: preliminary results
Melis Özperçin

OP-067 Assessment of Perceptual Changes in the Voices of Teachers with High Vocal Demand Levels Throughout the Day and Different Applied Protective Voice Exercises
Elanur İşeri

OP-068 Determination of Test-Retest Reliability of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Voice in Running Speech
Oya Büşra Çetin

OP-069 Investigation of Preschool and Primary School Teachers' Knowledge Level and Guidance Skills Regarding Pediatric Voice Disorders
Buket Ayça Sözüçok

OP-070 The Effect of Smoking on Voice Quality in University Students
Dilek Demiral Özgedik


18:00 Gala Ceremony
Singing Concert
Sirene Chorus
08:30-10:00 Voice Change; From Surgery to Therapy
Erhan Demirhan
Speakers: Elad Azizli, Erhan Demirhan, Eylül Birkent, Gamze Yeşilli Puzella, Necati Enver
08:30-10:00 Pediatric Voice Disorders from Assessment to Therapy
Speakers: Cem Özer, Müge Müzeyyen Çiyiltepe, Özgül Akın Şenkal
08:30-10:00 Doctor Vox Workshop
Mehmet Akif Kılıç
Speakers: Elif Şahin Orhon, İlter Denizoğlu

10:00-12:00 Voice Training in Children's Choirs
Tuğçem Aslan Kar
Speakers: Gizem Berrak Taş Güzeloğlu, Tuğba Ertan
10:00-12:00 Perspective on Swallowing from Voice
Speakers: Ayşegül Yılmaz,Hilal Berber Çiftçi,Müge Müzeyyen Çiyiltepe